...and that's how you do it!

—Zephyr, winning a battle.

Ventus Krakix
Zephyr, full Bakugan form.
Type Ventus Krakix
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Gender Female
Attribute 21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
Power 800 G
Variations None
Brawler Blazewind
Battle Gear None
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Zephyr is Blazewind's Ventus Krakix. She is also Nixon's younger twin sister.


Zephyr is Nixon's twin and Blazewind's Bakugan. Zephyr can use her wind to throw her opponents up in the air and juggle them with combo hits. She is slightly weaker than Nixon, yet her powerful storms can beat any one.


Zephyr is always on the bright side and a happy-go-lucky Bakugan. She loves battling with stronger Bakugan. She usually likes to play with her twin Nixon (though he gets really annoyed by her) and unlike others, she likes Achilles. She's only serious in bad situations.


She was a happy Bakugan as she always is. When Nixon became impatient for power she tried to stop him, but Nixon was too powerful. Zephyr decided to battle her friends to get stronger. When she thought she was powerful enough she followed him to Earth but found herself as a ball. She was flying across place to place until she finally found Nixon with a human. Nixon told her that he doesn't feed on other Bakugan since he was with Blazewind, so Zephyr asked if she can join her too. Blazewind said yes.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Storm sword: Adds 400 gs to Zephyr.
  • Shuriken Tornado: Takes off 300 g's off opponent and adds it to Zephyr.
  • Gale heal: Adds 200 to Zephyr.
  • Hurricane summoning: Adds another Bakugan in battle.

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