You've Been Brawled By - A Smooth Criminal
Season Bakugan: Dimensions Surge
Episode Number 2
Preceeded By What The Heck is a BakuTech?
Followed By Rage in The Colliseum

You've Been Brawled By - A Smooth Criminal is episode 2 of Season 2.


After Layla and Trip escape their brawl with Neos and AOH, Bendo contacts everyone to come to the new and improved BakuShop, which is now a giant arrangement of 7 buildings. The middle building is the Neo Brawlers HQ where Bendo studies Neos' new Mechtogan Rai and the data AOH gathered after their battle. Later that day, Wolf and Bendo show everyone their new Convert System BakuMeters, which uses the BakuTech Convert System as a main source, now allowing any Bakugan using it to switch body parts with newer parts Wolf created just by the push of a button. While testing the new BakuMeters on Knight and Shade, a mysterious new brawler confronts the Neo Brawlers asking to test out his version of a Convert System BakuMeter. Who is this new Brawler and how does he know about BakuTech Bakugan?

Characters SeenEdit

  • FinalNeos/Nuzamaki90
  • Airzel-of-haos
  • Bendo
  • TheWolf1
  • PyrusGuardian
  • Firestormblaze
  • Masked Brawler (Real name: King)
  • Various Bakugan World Brawlers

Bakugan SeenEdit

  • Pyrus Burning Flare
  • Darkus Shade
  • Haos Dash Knight
  • Pyrus Cross Dragonoid (King's)
  • Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid (King's)
  • Haos Gigan Taures (King's)
  • Hunter Phos
  • Ventus Neo Ziperator


  • Wolf VS Masked Brawler (King) = King Wins
  • Bendo VS Masked Brawler (King) = King Wins
  • Neos VS Masked Brawler (King) = King Wins


  • The Masked Brawler, also known as King, is an incredibly strong Brawler from Rome. He is also a boy genius since the age of 4 (He's now 20).

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