Xebrexia's Strike
Season 1
Episode Number 7
Preceeded By Farewell, Dregsus
Followed By Xebrexia meets Earth

Ch 7 Xebrexia's strike

Kraemah couldn't sleep for a week after the tragedy. He felt more broken than his heart could and tried to keep back his tears. He decided to get out of his bed and dragged himself outside. He was rather restless after Dregsus's death. As he got outside he dragged himself all the way to Dregsus's grave. He didn't stop running until at the grave. The moon's light reflected against the surface. “Dregsus...” He whispered.

Suddenly a gloved arm grabbed him, dragging him into the forest trees. “Wh-what are you doing!? You- !!” Another arm came and covered his mouth. Kraemah's scream was but muffled. The arm that grabbed him punched Kraemah on the stomach with the elbow hard, causing his to go in dizziness then faint.

Kraemah was tied up, laying down on the forest floor. He received his consciousness back and he opened his eyes slowly. “Ugh... uh... Am I dead?” After he opened his eyes fully, he sighted another Zatokaian- a familiar one. Kraemah tried to get up, but realized he was tied up. He struggled until he sat up, “Hey! Help me damnit!” The figure turned and Kraemah knew straight away who he is – Xebrexia.

“Xebrexia! It's you! What... what have you done!? You bi-” “I've come here to show you the truth.” Xebrexia got in his speech but calmly. “Truth from a traitor? HAH! Don't kid me.” Kraemah taunted. Xebrexia slapped him across the face. “Kraemah, do you have any idea what are you doing or are you just a pawn of Hakre?” Kraemah's eyes widened straight after the slap. “Do you really want to do this? This plan absolutely makes no sense! Taking over universes for amusement... This is not a carnival!” Xebrexia cried out, but Kraemah fought his speech back. “You've killed Hakre... and you've also killed Dregsus! How dare you! I'll make sure you suffer the same fate but worse than they've suffered!”

Xebrexia stood silent. He then gave a sigh. “I've never wanted to kill Dregsus... I'm sorry. But the universe is counting on m-”

“WHAT?! YOU USED DREGSUS AS A SACRIFICE LIKE AN ANIMAL? YOU TWIT!” Kraemah got in with aggressive attitude. “No! Well... yes. Forgive me. Hope you understand.”

They both stayed silent for a while. Kraemah then calmed down. “I understand Xebrexia... You were just trying to give peace for everyone. But I still won't forgive you for what you've done to Dregsus.”

“Thank you Kraemah.” Xebrexia untied him. As Kraemah was just about to go, Xebrexia asked a favor. “Kraemah... one favor. Tell everyone else in the kingdom. Also protect Molly for me.” Kraemah nodded and went back to the kingdom as Xebrexia vanished from the spot.

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