Wild Card
Season 5
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Preceeded By Cyborg Clash
Followed By Trial and Error

"Wild Card" is a season 5 episode of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


Since SaberX's battle with Kodo, he's been eager to try out his brawling skills on tougher opponents. Though his mentor and friend, Firestormblaze suggests otherwise. After a while, seeing as he won't give it a rest, Firestormblaze decided to challenge SaberX to a brawl. Though reluctant at first, SaberX accepts the challenge, and sees it as an opportunity to test out another one of his new Bakugan.


  • SaberX with Hiroshi and Rasmus, vs, Firestormblaze with Alpha Pyro and Scath: Firestormblaze wins.

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