Where It All Starts
Season 1
Episode Number 12
Preceeded By Kraemah's Escape
Followed By {{{next}}}

Kraemah’s consciousness finally returned. He slowly opened his eyes with its strength.

“Huh… where am I? Am I dead?”

When his eyes finally opened, a different dimension entered whilst he was lying on an object.

Yeah… I’m already dead… and now I’m here.

He sat up straight. He saw a young male almost in his 20’s. He took a look to his surroundings and then looked at the man again.

“Are you alright?” said the young man gently. “You were out cold in the middle of a pathway in this park.”

Kraemah just sat silently, staring with complete confusion.

“Park? Where am I exactly?”



“You don’t know? It’s like the most popular places on Earth! The other planets such as Vetals and…” before the young man could finish, Kraemah was dumbstruck.

“W-wait… Earth?!”

“Yeah. Where else would you be?” the young man was also a little confused himself.

Kraemah finally remembered what to do. “Uh… I… have to go! Maybe we’ll meet some other day.” As Kraemah stood up he took a look around. He was not sure where to go looking completely lost. The hand of the stranger was tapped upon Kraemah’s shoulder. “Lost?”


“I’ll show you around. C’mon man.”

“…Okay… thanks,”

Kraemah started to feel nervous.

“The name’s Valentin Kazami. You?”


“That sure sounds different. You a tourist or immigrant?”

“Not exactly…”

“So why are you here?” Valentin asked.

“…Forget it. You won’t believe me.” Kraemah tried to avoid trouble, of course because he was meant to save the humans, not bring them in danger.

“I’ve been through a lot of disasters a few years ago. So why not tell me?”. Kraemah turned his head in disbelief that Valentin’ll think it’s true. Valentin stopped suddenly.

“I have a feeling this is serious… is it a war?”

Kraemah got thundered. How did he know?

“Let me help you then.” Valentin said with a smile.

“Well… my king is going to start a war…” Kraemah started to lose his hesitance. Valentin kept his ears on. “He plans to use your planet as a tool of amusement. I betrayed my king’s orders and escaped to Earth, but the first to do that was a man a little younger than me called Xebrexia.”

“I see. So, who is your King?”

Hakre, but Xebrexia murdered him & escaped. His son Hachiac plants to take his place and also seeks revenge. I have a feeling that he’ll do it worse, since his father was victim of murder.”

Valentin took out his hand as if for a handshake of uniting. “Don’t worry. I’ll help you.” Kraemah also stretched out his hand and they shook it.

“So, what to we do?”

“We have to find Xebrexia…”

Valenyin just nodded. "Let's go then."

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