Wandering is the fifth episode of S-Dimensions.

Season 1
Episode Number 5
Preceeded By Channel the Darkness
Followed By Beside a Dying Fire


It starts out with a look at the time right after the Gun Acer Massacre. It shows one person (not Ricileon) walking the terrain, looking for survivors and weapons. The person (a woman) finds a large supply of weapons buried under the ground. Before leaving, the person notices a body of a young child. She doesn't bother taking it with her when she leaves.

A day later, Ricileon wakes up and starts walking around the desolate land. She falls to her knees in an hour because of massive energy exhaust. She notices Hell's Amulet around her neck and stares at it. After resting, she starts walking around again, looking for clues on what happened there. Three demons appear out of the amulet and young Ricileon gets scared. Sumbato notices that she isn't Sawatar and starts asking questions.

Unable to answer, Mujika and Dekku suggest to start using force. Sumbato stops them from hurting the tired Ricileon.

Characters SeenEdit

Unnamed woman

Young Ricileon




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