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Spawned by Throe
Gender Male
Attribute Matrix Subterra Matrix Subterra
G-Power 2000 G
Weaponry Seismic Wheel
Titan Counterpart None
Signature Abilities Volcanus Supreme
Fighting Style Shattering of Earth
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Status Active

Volkan is a Subterra Silent Strike of Matricea. He is spawned by Throe and can is a Mechtogan that Valentin can add into brawls.


Volkan is a large, hulking brute, and seems to be the opposite of Throe, who is light, quick, agile, and graceful. He can also use the blades on his back as an attachable and de-attachable shield and can also serve as scythe blades. He is also a Matrix Subterra Mechtogan, despite being summoned by a normal Subterra Bakugan.


Volkan is rather intelligent, and is a master at battle strategy. However, he also has an extremely savage personality, just like his mistress. Unlike all other Mechtogan that belong to Valentin, he tends to refuse his orders most of the time, which are the only unintelligent things he does. He also believes in teamwork with Throe and no one else.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Volcanus Supreme: Destroys the opponent's Gate Card and gains 500 Gs for each Bakugan and Mechtogan on the field. Volkan also gains an additional 600 Gs if he is the same Attribute as Throe.
  • Matrix Seismic: Play at any time no matter what. All Bakugan/Support Pieces on the opponent's side of the field each lose 1000 Gs while both Volkan and Throe each gain 1000 Gs for each Bakugan/Support Piece on the field. Also, all Ability Cards your opponent has played so far are negated and removed from play.
  • Earth Shadow Eruption: Each Bakugan/Support Piece on the opponent's side of the field lose 500 Gs for each Bakigan/Support Piece on the field while both Throe and Volkan each gain twice that amount.


  • Volkan's name was based of the name of the werewolf Velkan, from the 2004 movie Van Helsing.
    • This is ironic since both Volkan and Velkan (while a werewolf) are both extremely savage.

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