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Magmius Skuls
Debut TBA
Used By Valentin
Gender Male
G-Power 570 G
Attribute MagmiusDarkus Magmius Darkus
Shooting Techniques TBA
Pentameter Readings
Attack 10/10
Defense 9/10
Occupy 7/10
Stand Force 6/10
Control 10/10

Viehfutter is a Magmius BakuTech partnered with Valentin.



Shooting TechniquesEdit

  • Shredded Malice: Viehfutter's main attack shot. The opponent BakuTech on the designated Gate Card Viehfutter is going to roll onto suddenly feels terrified and lost. Viehfutter is also rolling toward the Gate Card covered in a black mist that makes the opponent BakuTech hard to see him, and is emitting malice that terrifies the opponent BakuTech. The closer Viehfutter is to the opponent BakuTech, the more frightened and lost the opponent feels. When the mist is about half a foot away from the Gate Card, Viehfutter launches itself into the opponent, terrifying them even more so much that they are helpless before Viehfutter. As a result, he can easily knock them off the Gate Card and claim it as his own.
  • Shattering Grip: Viehfutter's main defense shot. If the opponent BakuTech who is attacking comes into contact with Viehfutter, he uses his "claws" to lift the opponent BakuTech up with surprising strength and hurls them away from the Gate Card. Also, if the opponent BakuTech is using an attack shot, Viehfutter glows and terrifies the opponent into losing focus on their special shot, thus making it easier to grab them and hurl them.
  • Overcast Fiend: An attack shot Viehfutter can perform. If he is approaching a designated Gate Card with an opponent BakuTech on it, the image of fiendish-like creature hovers above him, terrifying the opponent into losing their focus over defending themselves. This makes the opponent BakuTech easy prey for Viehfutter (to knock off the Gate Card).


  • Viehfutter's name means fodder in German.


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