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—Ventus Phantom

Ventus Phantom
Ventus Phantom
Portrayer {{{portrayer}}}
Physical description
Age Classified
Gender Male
Hair color Dirty blond
Eye color
Personal information
Allies Masters, Faviola, Axel Payne, Ventus Apprentice, Aides, Destroyer, Chronos Darkness, Firestormblaze, more...
Enemies {{{enemies}}}
Weapon of choice Bakugan
Main attribute 21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
Guardian Bakugan Ventus Hawktor/Tornado Hawktor/Oberon Hawktor
Chronological and political information
Position Second-in-command of B.E.C.B.
Aliases Gaga43
Deoxys Phantom
Duelyis Phantom
Affiliation Bakugan Elite Core Brawlers
First Appearance Phantom Rising
Themes Break
Current level: 750
The Ventus Phantom is a greatly skilled Ventus Brawler. He is second-in-command of the Bakugan Elite Core Brawlers and is Masters' best friend.



The Ventus Phantom is a Ventus brawler, but is also skilled at all the attributes. He has brawled against some of the best and won. Never under estimate him because if you do you will lose. He always thinks things out, and uses his brains to crush his opponent. His Bakugan Dimensions names are ventusfhantom43 and gaga43.


Early LifeEdit

Phantom met Masters at the Bakugan Battle League, where they immedietly became rivals. He underestimated Masters and lost in their brawl. Over time, they became best friends and brawling partners. Phantom became App's brawling teacher in the art of Ventus brawling. Phantom is incredibly strategic and believes his teams must be perfect. He overthinks things without realizing it. Phantom uses Ventus, but has an Aquos team and a Haos team. He is currently working on a Darkus team. Phantom uses Ventus Infinity Helios, but he remains loyal and has Ventus Hawktor as his Guardian.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit




When his strategy doesn't work, he tends to over think things; or his down fall might be underestimating his opponent.



  • Ventus Hawktor
  • Ventus Infinity Helios
  • Ventus Meta Dragonoid
  • Pyrus Meta Dragonoid
  • Ventus Mutant Elfin

Notable QuotesEdit







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