A BakuMutant is someone you should stay AWAY from

—Ventus Mutant Taylean

Ventus Mutant Taylean
356px-Pyrus MutantTaylean
Type Pyrus/Ventus / Aquos/Ventus BakuMutant
First appearance Hurricane Season
Gender Male
Attribute Pyrus/Ventus, Aquos/Ventus
Power (Taylean and his Mutation partner's current levels)
Variations Aquos's Taylean
Brawler Aquos "Aqua" Rules
Battle Gear Gold Hammermor
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Main Adversary {{{Main Adversary}}}
Aqua Rules will have a Mutant Taylean, when he combines with Dragon. Taylean states that "fusing is fun".

Information Edit

A Bakugan with a strong sense of instinctive battling knowledge. With strengthened shoulder and impenetrable armor protecting his head, Mutant Taylean defends against attacks as he prepares for his next move.

History Edit

He fuses with Dragon in his debut, making this Bakugan appear too.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Ventus Heian
  • Mega Blitz + Wind Style - Slash Tornado
  • Barnum Dragon + Gun Red Slash Sword
  • Sabre Wings
  • Wave Blaster + Wind Style - Slash Tornado
  • Aquos Heian
  • Horn Throw Edge + Cameal Dranzer

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