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    Episodes 17-20

    October 22, 2011 by Savage-Darkus

    So ok my account has been disabled for 3 weeks and Savvie has exams comin up so I will be using his (don't perma block Darkus though he will go crazy, Wikia is his life). Enjoy the episodes.

    Deadly Titans:

    • Aqua: Yes we did... sadly
    • Queenie: Get over it
    • Kyler: Look on the bright side we are getting much stronger
    • Sly: I feel even better when Dragon combines with me ha ha ha ha!
    • Eggman: Ingram is also weakening
    • Saber: SO! how about we try and get our own Titans!
    • Rebellion: Nah I don't need a Mechtogan I'm the world's best Bakugan!
    • Dragon: Titans aren't so safe Saber
    • Queenie: Dragon has a point
    • Saber: It'll help us though
    • Apollo: Hey Blaze how about we try and get Phosphorus to summon a Silent Strike Titan?
    • FSB: Good idea
    • Eg…
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