I have chosen the bakugan hangout wiki (where I have rights) to be the battleground for the Hellbound topic of my release. Because just as it was in the past, Everytime someone says fuck no, SOMEONE budges and says YES and I end up RIGHT BACK to bakugan wiki. It might take days, even months, but EVENTUALLY, I-COME-BACK.

Although this time... I have a different motive. Rather than claim my god-given rights to reign unchallenged on the main wiki, I simply wish to adopt a wiki. I don't want to edit on your f*cked up wiki because you guys would rather see my skin get burned off while you eat popcorn and take a shit -_-"

I just wanna be unblocked on ALL of your bakugan wikis and then leave and go about my businesss. WIN-WIN.

So, I hope to speed the inevitable process along by making this blog :)

And to everyone who doesn't like me: Go to hell! GODSPEED!

120px-Pyrus TitaniumDragonoid Open--Ji Robinson ~Talk~ ·Contribs· 120px-Pyrus TitaniumDragonoid Open 22:12, December 7, 2011 (UTC)

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