Unknown Realm

Guardian: *pulls out Angel wings*

RayneHaos:&nbsp TWISTER OF MIRCALE *A twister of demonis energy rotates around me*

Firestormblaze:&nbsp YO GA !! LET ME IN !!!

Winxrainbowix:&nbsp A full on battle eh?

Bendo:&nbsp (Worton position)

Guardian Angel: I can't hear you..I'm cloaked in peace...

RayneHaos:CRYSTALIZED DOME* a crystal dome protects me for a little while*

Firestormblaze:DANG IT !!

Bendo:Haters gonna hate.

Firestormblaze:HELP !!

Airzel-of-haos:DEMONIS VERTIGO! (all opponent weaponry and whatnot are destroyed, NO EXCEPTIONS)

Guardian: Fine..

Bendo:&nbsp o.o

Firestormblaze: *jumps in the Angel wings* RayneHaos:hm..?

Firestormblaze:&nbsp No homo bro..

Bendo: (still holding onto Hellslash) ... :D

RayneHaos:So your fighting Airzel now?

Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp Sarah, I thought we could have this game together.


Guardian: You shouldn't talk like that, Blaze.

Firestormblaze: SHUT UP GA !!!

Guardian: why..?

Bendo: (SOMEHOW floats onto teh shinie rok, still in Worton position) Hate? I'm gonna love and tolerate the **** out of you, bish.

Firestormblaze: -_- OH FORGET YOU !

Guardian: then be gone..

Firestormblaze: WAIT NOOOOOOO

Guardian: Then stop it..

Airzel-of-haos: Sarah ... can I ... can I cut him?

Firestormblaze: *Stays safe in the Angel wings*

Guardian: Please don't.

Airzel-of-haos: ... Tenscythe can't be denied it's kill.

RayneHaos: DEMONIS GRATIFICATION *The halo flies above the area* *all enemies and allies are paralyzed, floating in mid air, with no ability to move at all*

Bendo: (just floating around, frozen in Worton position)

Firestormblaze: >:d

RayneHaos: *looks at FSB with raging eyes*

Airzel-of-haos: ... DEMONIS HELL! (Guardian Angel is taken out of battle, NO EXCEPTIONS) Bendo:&nbsp I'M GETTING A CRAMP!

Bendo:&nbsp D: D: D:

RayneHaos: *allows Bendo to sit down in mid air*

RayneHaos:&nbsp And this battle has all but ended

Bendo:I'm fine. -.-

RayneHaos: *Energy explodes at everyones feet knocking them skyward**they stop in mid-air with all ability to move*

Firestormblaze: *Guardian comes back as AngelofDeath*

Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp ...

Firestormblaze:Oh hell...

Angel-of-Death: NOW YOU MAY... !

RayneHaos:...anyway, now I will commence a game.

Firestormblaze:I may what..? may..die.. 3:31

Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp Sarah-Beatrice, I hope you enjoy this game to it's full extent.

Firestormblaze many Beatrice's.. RayneHaos:&nbsp just two.

  • AOD fights FSB*

Firestormblaze:&nbsp DIE! DIE! DIE! Bendo:&nbsp (cleaning Hellslash) -_- Bendo:&nbsp ...

  • Death attacks Bendo*

Bendo:&nbsp (gets out a gatling gun radiating with darkfire) MUST I JOIN IN?!

Death: *goes through Bendo's body slowly killing him* Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp (Tenscythe creates a black flame around itself) COME GET SOME!

Death: I deem it as so.

Bendo:&nbsp (rips out FSB with Hellslash) GET THE <EFF> OUT.

Firestormblaze WHAT DA F.....*WHAM* RayneHaos: *watching from a throne 150 ft above the sky dome* Bendo:&nbsp o.o Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp Wait ... she is just using us a pawns?

Bendo: THRONEZ! :D (gets in maroon and black throne) :3 o.o

Bendo: I don't want to be a pawn. >:|

Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp (gets in a pitch black bone throne)

Bendo:&nbsp ROOKZ FTW!

RayneHaos: *Bendo's throne disintegrates* Bendo:&nbsp ...

Death: *flies up to Sarah to admire her beauty* Firestormblaze: What the....*Flies up to Death* HEY WE WERE FIGHTING !!

Bendo: (throne reappears) :D (sits down, and zooms over to Mount Orthys, and watches) :3

Death: *pushes FSB away with one hand*


RayneHaos: No thrones until the intermision *Bendo's throne disintegrates again*

Firestormblaze: *Takes off shirt* *Comes back* Bendo: (reappears) Bitch please. Tartaronian throne. It'll just keep coming back.

Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp ...

RayneHaos:&nbsp hm....fine *turns the throne to ice*

Death: Wait..why ae you not wearing a shirt..

Firestormblaze: CAUSE..

Firestormblaze:&nbsp IT WAS HOT..

Death: ...

Firestormblaze: WHAT ?!

Bendo:&nbsp ...Tartarus radiates fire and darkness. Geez.

Firestormblaze:&nbsp IT WAS HOT !

Death: You burt crust...

RayneHaos:&nbsp >.> GET OF THE DANG THRONE!!!!

Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp XD

Bendo:&nbsp (smashes teh ice to pieces, and the throne reappears, good as nue) NO DAMMIT!

Firestormblaze ...(No Comment)

RayneHaos: *a never-ending fountain of water ccoming from an invisible force begins to pour over bendo's throne* Bendo:&nbsp (time field bish)

RayneHaos:&nbsp omg bendo FIGHT FSB XD OR AIRZEL

  • Death punches FSB in the face*

Bendo:&nbsp I'd like to just watch in my comfortable throne. GAWD.

Firestormblaze: *punches Death* Bendo: ...

RayneHaos:&nbsp ok fine *Bendo's throne is teleported to the other side of them dome, with him in it*

Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp (still on throne) DANCE MONKEY DANCE!

  • Death grabs FSB's leg*

Bendo:&nbsp (sets off a random darkfire river under FSB) -_-

RayneHaos:&nbsp AIRZEL NO!!!!! *Airzels throne disintegrates*

  • Death throws FSB in the darkfive river*

Bendo:&nbsp YAY!!!

Airzel-of-haos: ...

Firestormblaze: AHHHH....

Firestormblaze: *Swims in it* RayneHaos:&nbsp hmm

Firestormblaze:'s pretty cold...

Bendo:&nbsp ...

Firestormblaze: *gets out*

RayneHaos: *appears out of a spark of fire in front of Airzel* Firestormblaze: *grabs towel* Death:...*still looking at sarah*

Firestormblaze: *Jumps out at Death* TIME TO DIE !!! Death: That's my line..

Bendo:&nbsp ...he IS Death. Fool.

Bendo:&nbsp >.>

  • Death grabs FSB's hair*

RayneHaos: *dispears in Twister, and re-appears on her throne* Death: You wear cheap hair gel..

Bendo: is it just me, or is Sarah suddenly 50% cooler?

Firestormblaze: WE HAVE THE SAME HAIR, AND GEL !!!

Death: huh..forgot about that..

Firestormblaze: I BET YOU DID

Death: PUT ON A SHIRT !!!

Firestormblaze: NEVER !!!

Firestormblaze:*punches death* Bendo:&nbsp ENOUGH YOU IDIOTS! (runs FSB and Death through with the Hellslashes, disintegrating them) Gawd. Firestormblaze: *Goes through him and my hand begins to turn to dust* RayneHaos:&nbsp O_O BENDO HOW DARE YOU RUIN MY GAME D:

Death: Bendo, right ? That pain felt good. GIVE ME MORE !!!

RayneHaos: *sigh* no use for it now Bendo:&nbsp Death, I outrank you by ten times. Don't even try it.

Death: *charges at Bendo*

RayneHaos: *The sky dome collapses and FSB, Death, and Airzel begin free-falling to the ground* RayneHaos: *Her throne begins a mad dash downward* Death: I WANNA FEEL YOU HUR-*SLAM*

Bendo:&nbsp Hur? ...

Firestormblaze:&nbsp AHH....

&nbsp Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp (splits Tenscythe in two)

Firestormblaze: *Lifts throne up* Bendo: Death, you suck. Now I know why I fired you from controlling people's dying. -.-

Firestormblaze: *throws it at Airzel* RayneHaos: *throne stops 150 ft above ground* Death: YOU DARE ?

RayneHaos: *Throne blasts random energy at FSB* Bendo:&nbsp (jumps out of throne, grows a pair of wings, and just flies around) WOOHOO!

Firestormblaze: *Falls back into Fire pit* Airzel-of-haos (puts Tenscythe on FSB's back and turns it like a key) Demonis LOCK! (FSB get's locked in his current position

Firestormblaze: HEY I CAN'T MOVE !!

Firestormblaze: *Body starts shaking* *lock breaks* Death: *picks up FSB and flys away*

Bendo: ... <.<

Airzel-of-haos: DEMONIS DIMENSION! (the entire area turns pitch black)

Bendo: o.o

Far Away..but still in the same Dimension

Death: I wanted to kill you myself...>:D

Firestormblaze: *Thinks:... Dammit..*

...with the others...

Bendo: (makes a few darkfire rivers) FOR EFFECT!

Death: *drops FSB in water, and goes back to look at Sarah*

RayneHaos:*a energy catapults FSB out of the way of the lava pit* Firestormblaze: *Goes flying into the sun* RayneHaos: *that same energy blasts Death in the same direction as FSB*

The Sun

Death: *uses a magic blast on FSB* I'm gonna kill you !!!

Firestormblaze: I'm gonna KILL YOU FIRST !!! *Blasts AOD with fire*

Death: Dammit, why won't you just die !

Firestormblaze: DAMMIT, WHY WON'T YOU !!!

Death: Because, I AM DEATH !

Firestormblaze: Who asked you !!!

Death: YOU DID ! *Blasts FSB*

Back in the other Dimension....

RayneHaos:&nbsp METEORA IMPACT * a huge amount of energy fires at Airzel from the sky. It lands on him and doesn't get up*

Airzel-of-haos:&nbsp ... Ow.

RayneHaos: *Appears in front of Airzel in a spark of flame*

Airzel-of-haos: (phases through teh ground using teh Reaper Cloak)

Bendo: (popping up in random places, sending darkfire clouds in every direction) :D

RayneHaos: *the energy pulls Airzel back upward, to teh center of its existance*

Back to the sun..

Death: *grabs FSB* Cheap fair gelled freak !!!!


Firestormblaze: *Punches death, and then turns into demon form*

Angel-of-Death: *turns into Reaper form* Death: *pulls out Rage*

Firestormblaze: *pulls out Rebellion*

The two now with swords class in battle, until....

Back in the other part of the Dimension..

RayneHaos: I grow bored with this game. RayneHaos: *snaps* *Energy disapears. as does all traces of the game to begin with* Angel-of-Death: IIIII WIIIILLL KILLLL YOOOOOUUUU.... *Fades* Bendo14 Dangit, no more darkfire rivers. (creates a small little darkfire twister) :D

Guardian: What happened ?

Firestormblaze: I..I readly don't know.

RayneHaos: *snaps* *bendo's darkfire rivers appear* Guardian: *merges with FSB*


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