That's French for Merry Christmas. Have fun, wherever you, and enjoy, whatever it is you celebrate. Happy Holidays, and Happy thanks giving, while I'm at it. After all, THAT comes first, not Christmas. Anyway, I'm going to the snow for christmas. Hoping to shred, in the snow. Going to big bear, or canada. Don't know yet. I'll just be very busy. Most of you know, AND most of you DON'T know, that I dislocated my LEFT shoulder. It's true. I'm a quick healer thougn. I'll be fully recovered by Friday, or Saturday. So that doctor says.. Anywho..

For All You AOH haters

If AOH has wronged you in anyway with his admin rights (No offense AOH, just business) or blocked you with a PERFECTLY logical explenation, that has left you permenantly banned, ou should be happy to know that he is no longer an admin/chatmod on the Bakugan Wikia. Yes, yes, cheers, and horray. But seriously, check if you don't believe me. Anywho...

Happy Editing Holidays!!!

If you do..enjoy holiday specials on Tv, that's just fan tucking fastic...

Good Night..everybodeh WTF, it's still daylight....pissoff!

Happy editing Holidays!!!

My friends ^^Happy Santa Raped kids FUCKING Ho Ho Holidays!9300 render render asuka 23:51, November 23, 2011 (UTC) </span>

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