I know it's not in the format it's supposed to be, but I created it first on YT, as a coment, and added it here.

" Curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity is what makes the world go round, and people go forward. But most of all, Curiosity is what made me who I am today, and what's going to make you do what you will do tomorrow. Curiosity is what made America, and what made me. Curiosity is what created peace, and war, and the world that you see. Curiosity is how we survive, and how your children, and children's children will arrive. Curiosity, comes from the heart, the soul, and the brain. It's what brought you to me, and me to you, that we see one another everyday. Curiosity is what the world has come to, and from since the land has begun. Giving props to above, to my pops that I love, I'm curious about who you think I am, who I should be, who I could be. So I'll just let you wonder." ~ FSB

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