Eclipse: lets finish this Masters

Masters: lets

Eclipse gets on top of lumino head and lumino flies high into the air

Eclipse: ability activate venom stricken

drago power is subtracted by 300gs his power is know 2000gs

Eclipse: know darkus swift sweep attack his mechtogan zenthon

swift sweep sends beams of attack at zenthon

Masters: attack zenthon

zenthon sends beams at swift sweep

as the attacks clash and explosion happens and drago and lumino return back to ball form

Masters and Eclipse: WHAT

the host appears

host: we have concluded that the battle is a tie and we will decide the winner

Masters: so who is the winner?

host: it was decided that both of you will move on

Eclipse: i can deal with that

Masters: yea me too

so eclipse and masters are transported back to the waiting room

fire: so who won

Eclipse: it was a tie

Fire: what how can that be

Eclipse:i dont know but it shows that they are controlling this tournament

fire: so what is the plan

Eclipse: I say we go get the element

fire: but it is highly guarded

Eclipse: thats why we need a distraction

Fire: so who will be the distraction?

Eclipse: umm... let me think

Fire: well c'mon who will it be?

Eclipse: i don't know

Fire: so where are they hiding the Element

Eclipse: well Aides got some intel and said that it is underground in a vault

Fire: so how are we supposed to get there

Masters: i say we lose on purpose act like we are leaving and go underground

Eclipse: ok that is the plan but i will leave right know and gather some intel

Eclipse walks up to the host

Eclipse: host i forfiet

Host: are you sure?

Eclipse: yes i am sure

Host: the you are out of the tournament

Eclipse walks out of the building and starts running as the tournament continues Fire, Masters, and Seed lose on purpose in their tournament matches and they meet behind the tournament building waiting on Eclipse

Masters: where is Eclipse?

Fire: don't worry he will be here

Seed: here he comes

Eclipse: ok im here

Eclipse: so the plan is we will go in there and just take it by force

Fire: thats it that is the plan

Eclipse: yea

Fire: so you want us just to go underground take the Element not knowing how many brawlers are down there and how strong they are and think that we will get away scott free

Eclipse: yea i can change the plan if you want

Fire: nope i like a challenge

Eclipse: it is settle then lets this mission started

they open the underground door and walk in it...

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