Eclipse is walking with his bakugan Lumino on his shoulder in ball form.

Eclipse: man im tired from that harsh training we did

Lumino: your not the only one man im beat

Eclipse: yea me too

Eclipse and Lumino keep walking until they see a mysterious brawler in a black coat while wearing a hoodie over his face.

mysterious brawler: hey you are you known as the brawler Apocalyspe.

Eclipse:yea but my friends call me Eclipse for short.

mysterious brawler: i challenge you to a brawl if i win i keep your soul.

Eclipse: um sure... whatever floats your boat im up to pwn someone

brawl begins

mysterious brawler: gate card set

mysterious brawler and Eclipse: bakugan brawl



Eclipse: ill start this off ABILITY ACTIVATE AURA BURST

increases Lumino power by 500gs his power is know 1500gs

aura surrounds Lumino and his speed increase to the point where he can disappear from place to place.

mysterious brawler: hmph ABILITY ACTIVATE WIND CUTTER

increase hawktor power by 300gs his power is know 1200gs

A torrent of wind comes towards Lumino but he dodges it.

Eclipse: nice try but my Lumino speed is to fast to be hit with that attack ABILITY ACTIVATE VENOM STRICKEN

Lumino appears right behind hawktor and scratches him with his claws.Hawktor power is decreased by 300gs his power is know 900gs

mysterious brawler: no more playing around ABILITY ACTIVATE VENTUS STRIKE

hawktor power by 600gs his power is know 1500gs


mysterious brawler activate gate card before Eclipse activates his ability.

mysterious brawler: gate card open

ground starts shining

Lumino speed decrease and he is pulled to the ground and his power returns to 1000gs

Lumino:what is this i cant move

mysterious brawler: my gate card returns my enemy's bakugan power to base level and they cant move

Eclipse: well played but ABILITY ACTIVATE FIST BREAKER

Lumino head butts the ground and and destroys the gate card.

Mysterious brawler: WHAT

Lumino flies high in the air

Lumino: lets finish this Eclipse

Eclipse: i was just thinking the same thing ABILITY ACTIVATE CRITICAL DELETION

increase Lumino power by 700gs his power is know 1700gs

Lumino mouths opens and a blast of energy is shot towards Hawktor

Mysterious brawler:ABILITY ACTIVATE WIND SHIELD increase hawktor power by 100g

Hawktor puts his arms in front of him and a shield of wind is formed as the the attack collides with the shield the shield breaks and Eclipse wins the brawl

Mysterious brawler: hmph you won this one but this wont be the last time we meet

Eclipse: so ill be ready to pwn you again and you can count on that

mysterious brawler disappears

Lumino: who do think that was Eclipse?

Eclipse: I dont know but im going to go tell my friends about what happened to day.

Eclipse runs toward the school to tell them what happened...

another mysterious brawler stands on the roof of a building after watching the battle with his bakugan on his shoulder in ball form

mysteriuos brawler#2: the kid is pretty strong

mysterious bakugan: dont be foolish he only brawled our D class brawlers he would be crushed if we get one of our A class brawlers.

mysterious brawler#2: yea but he brawls just like his older brother and plus the kid is getting stronger.

mysterious bakugan: yea we will see...

they disappear...

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