I am going to bring you news every now and again (sorry I didn't discuss it with you FSB). Anyway take a sweet sneak preview of this ownage.

2 episodes

I will bring you a hidden episode: Drug Intensity and season 4 episode 24: Masters of Heat. The hidden episode is based on IRL events between Aquos and I. Episode 24 features Scorch vs. Fire Ingram in a heated brawl with Pyrus vs. Ventus. Saber will get all the glory in this episode. They are a Christmas special between 20th and 28th of December.

Recent events

  • Kyleronco has returned. WELCOME BACK KYLER!
  • Darkus eclipse seems to have left.
  • Aquos rules will return in March under Aquos Boss 19.

See ya!- Being psychotic Aquos MercuryDragonoid Open is an extremely bad mistake, dude Ventus Splight Open

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