I have chosen where to help Ji send out the darn message. AOH, you 99, DNX, Dart, Bendo and Charlie (no offense) clearly have psychological problems. I am tired of you giving AR and Ji a hard time, dude, so stop this routine and GET THE F!*K OFF THIS NETWORK. You are being a pain, Airzel. You are 7 things: A n00b, A F$#%WARD, A cyberbully, A C$*K SUCKER, An @$$ hole, A liar and A troll. IF my YouTube message didn't get the message and Darkus's speeches inta your thick brain your whole hometown has psychological problems. Sorry about all the bad words but you do realise that this is affecting REALITY! Aquos was a nice guy, but thanks to you he has turned into all sorts of nasty. He has lost everything in reality: HIS BUDDIES, HIS JOB, HIS PLACE IN CLASS AND MY TRUST. The only thing remaining is his body and relationship. You have ruined his life.

The Ji story:

Yes, he clearly uses bad language, but you are just the same. ALSO you just banned Ji for no effin reason after you let him off. That is so sad. So after reading my speeches do 1 thing: GROW THE H&#L UP!- "My Tornado will DESTROY you ALL- BC 05:45, December 11, 2011 (UTC)"

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