At seperate times I talked with Savage-Darkus (as we r bros) and FSB. We decided I will write down episdes as blogs. Savage-Darkus will build their pages. I decided the series will focus on Firestormblaze and his new friend Aqua. Kyler, Queenie, SaberX and Eggman will have large roles 2. AOH will travel with them and Savage-Darkus his student every 9 episodes or so. Unfortunately Aqua has a grudge against Demonis Bakugan leading to lots of drama in episodes such as Haos Breaker.' Dragon and Dharako will be the Bakugan of the new characters. In arc 2 Winx, Nuza and Ingramhelixx will join them. It will have 106 episodes. The main antagonist is a rouge Bakugan called Fire Ingram. His Mechtogan is Slynix and his Mechtogan Titan is Razen Titan.

Creator: Firestormblaze

Writer: Aquos rules

Episode names by: Savage-Darkus/FSB

The first 5 episodes are scheduled to air on October 4th:

  1. A New Bakugan Story
  2. When Hell Freezes Over
  3. Flaming Ingram
  4. Mechtogan Battle
  5. Haos Breaker

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