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  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is a shark who bites people and hate Bakugan Wiki (as I am abused on it so much)
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  • Aquos rules

    Episodes 16-20

    October 20, 2011 by Aquos rules

    These are the next episodes:

    The Shadow of Ingram:

    • FSB: Finally that turkey is defeated!
    • Eggman: Don't get so cocky he might come back, stronger
    • Aqua: Yeah I get your point
    • Queenie: It is so quiet without Airzel and Savage
    • Saber: Yeah and he won't say: Never call me SAVAGE
    • Kyler: But you Savvie impersonation needs work
    • Eggman: Even better our team is fully loaded with Blitz Dragon, Storm, Sly, Mercury Dragon, Wiltshire and Inferno
    • FSB: You bet our team is!
    • Storm: That means those insects will never win again!
    • Queenie: But Ingram's cards are stronger than ours and he has 1200 Gs meaning the only ones w/out a disadvantage are Storm and Dragon
    • Dragon: Even better we have Hellstorm to back-up me
    • Aqua: I don't think Ingram will have a let up this time though…
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  • Aquos rules

    Exclusive review no.4

    October 18, 2011 by Aquos rules

    This is a preview of the next 5 episodes airing soon.

    The following episodes will debut:

    • The Shadow of Ingram
    • Battle for Bridya
    • Deadly Titans
    • The Other Side of Dawn
    • Rise of Demonis Bakugan

    • Aquos's Rubanoid
    • Aquos's Silent Strike
    • Slynix Clones
    • Airzel-of-Haos (after temporarily leaving)
    • Savage-Darkus (after temporarily leaving)
    • Shade (after temporarily leaving)
    • Dharako
    • Dread

    And toon in because these episodes are gonna be sooooo awesome!

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  • Aquos rules

    Here are episodes 11-15 and they are action packed, containing evolutions

    Sly and Dragon:

    • Aqua: Mayn am I stuffed
    • FSB: Yeah of course you are
    • Queenie: It's cool that Kyler could build such an awesome base!
    • Kyler: Thanks Beato
    • Dragon: Just remember not to give Aquos a hard time tonight Demonis duo, he has been studying Ingram all night
    • AOH: Why the hell should I listen to you Dragon?
    • Eggman: Because Dragon is stating a point not to
    • Saber: Here we go again.......
    • Drako: Savvie is so annoying
    • AOH: (in his mind) Savage..... is a moron
    • Aqua: LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (everyone shuts the hell up) Ingram has extremely complex codes due to all that Chemical X
    • Kyler: We worked really hard so don't give Aqua and…
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  • Aquos rules

    Something to say

    October 12, 2011 by Aquos rules

    I know that season 4 came out first everyone... wierd. So I decided that Arc 1 of season 4 will come out then seasons 1, 2 and 3 will tell the story of how Blaze ended up like this. So like Star Wars it won't come out in a proper order. C U later

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  • Aquos rules

    Tomorrow in episodes 11-15 major events will happen.

    The episodes coming out are

    • Sly and Dragon
    • Blitz Dragon
    • Bakugan Contest
    • The AOH Trap
    • A Double Helix

    • Blitz Dragon
    • Hellstorm
    • Apollo Krakix
    • Phoenix Flash Ingram
    • Striker
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