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Type Darkus/Aquos Phosphos
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Gender Female
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus/20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Power 900 G
Variations Phosphos
Brawler Darkusinfinity99
Battle Gear Boomix (RP & RL)
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Umbra is a Phosphos born in the deepest, darkest waters of Gundalia. She loves to poison her enemies and defeat them swiftly. She also loves to hide and attack from the least expected places. Her swimming ability is rivaled by no one.


Umbra is not loyal to anyone other than her Brawler . She is very cunning and agile.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Whirpool of Death: Transfers 450 G's from the enemy to Umbra.
  • Shadow Hunter: Subtracts 350 G's from the enemy.
  • Nulifying Venom: Subtracts 200 G's from the enemy and nulifies an ability.
  • Dark Venom: Makes Umbra pure Darkus for 3 turns and adds 500 G's to Umbra.
  • Swift Swim: Nulifies an ability and skips the enemy's turn.
  • Transfer Venom: Swaps the G power between Umbra and any other Bakugan.
  • Aquos Fury: Adds 550 G's to Umbra as long as she is still half Aquos. Also adds 450 G's to any other Aquos Bakugan.
  • Omega Hydra: Adds 350 G's to Umbra.


  • Umbra's name comes from the Latin word for shadow, and means the innermost and darkest part of the shadows.
  • Umbra and Cerberus are very good friends.
  • Umbra was DI's guardian on BD.


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