I'll make this easier on you. Now Kate!

Typhonid, Forever Lost

Tripod Theta Ability
Type Forbidden Bakugan
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Gender Female
Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Power 1200
Variations None
Brawler Kate
Battle Gear None
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Main Adversary Pyrus Storm Dragonoid

Typhonoid is one Forbidden Bakugan, yet to be seen in battle.


Typhonoid is a Bakugan that is gigantic in size and very threatening. Shee sucks up her challenger's energy with a special suction beam. She resembles a Sea God, with her trident staff that emits a triple laser beam attack. Three large concrete triangles protect her chest from harm. She perished along with most of the Forbidden Bakugan, in the episode "Forever Lost".



Notable Quotes

  • "So I am not truly invincible."
  • "Ah, but you forget, I control the oceans!"

Ability Cards

  • Power Merge: Drops the opponent's power level to 0.
  • Ocean Mirage:
  • Toxic Drops:
  • Tidal Aura:
  • Submerge:
  • Oceanic Wave: