True ID
Season 4
Episode Number 104
Preceeded By Volcanus' Wrath
Followed By Psychic's Loss
"True ID" is Season 4 episode 104 of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


Blaze and his friends are hanging around the stadium, when all of a sudden Beta arrives, asking Pyro for a final brawl. The team agrees to help Pyro take Beta on in battle. Upon arrival, The 8 Ghosts are ready to destroy Pyro, Fusion Dragon and Storm.

Psychic asks if he can battle the whole team. Meanwhile, Vines asks him where Aquos Balista is, which Psychic responds to with "I have no idea". Beta however is the Bakugan to ask. Blaze then brings Inferno and Dragonoid Destroyer into the brawl while Aquos uses Mechtavius Destroyer. The battle rages on, and eventually Beta evolves into Dark Beta. The ghosts all use their strongest abilities, aiming at Volcanus. Mechtavius Destroyer is eventually taken back to the bad side, by Haos Tremblar. Razeko, meanwhile sacrifices herself for Volcanus and is killed just like Savage was.

After Pyro finishes Beta, Kodokor and Mutabrid's fusion of Gliderak, Psychic sends them all BakuNano. After Dragonoid Destroyer regains control of Coredegon, Slycerak, Mandibor and Exostriker, Blaze asks Psychic who he really is. Beta and Vines give him encouragement, with Psychic showing his real self, the only surviving member of Beta's clan: Dranxeo. Dranxeo then defeats the protagonists and turns back to his disguise, in order to battle for the next round.


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