True Faith
Season 2
Episode Number 23
Preceeded By The Mark of Evolution
Followed By Shades of Gray


After his defeat at hands of Doomplayer, Vanderus comes back to take revenge. As Vanderus approaches him, he is stopped by Firestormblaze. Vanderus opens a portal to the Doom Dimension, and pushes Blaze inside. From there Blaze opens another portal back to earth; and another to hell, where he pushes Vanderus in. Vanderus pulls him in with him, and knocks him into a pool of lava. Blaze reaches outside the pool, and prepares to defeat him. However, in his weakened state, he is defeated and Vanderus goes after Doom. Soon After Blaze rose from the pool again, he summoned his pair of swords. He opened a portal to earth, but when he had returned, Doom and Gwen were badly hurt, but Rose was missing. Vanderus ambushed Blaze again, and took his swords and hid them in the Doom Dimension. Blaze, Doom, and Gwen, returned to 3rd Palace, where Blaze called his old friend, Guardian Angel. Guardian and Blaze eventually found her, trapped behind the gates of hell. They escaped, while saving her from several traps and protected her from hordes of monsters.

They then met the corrupted gate keepers of hell, the Angelo Knights. The knights challenged the three to a brawl, if they win, they get to leave, but if the knights are victorious they claim the soul of either an Angel, or a Demon. When the knights were victorious, Guardian decided to give up his soul. Blaze, could not bring himself to use Guardian to free the themselves from hell, and tried to stop him, even though he was already willing to sacrifice himself. Rose convinced Blaze to let him go, so he did, and Guardian's soul was taken from him, as they returned to earth.

Characters SeenEdit

Bakugan UsedEdit


  • This is AngelofDeath's first actual on-screen appearance. He actually appears once before Season 4, as a weak demon/dark angel, possesing others.


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