The Triad Armor Conversion System is a system that was originally developed for the Demonis Army to be used so that the soldiers could equip pieces of armor to fit the situation they were in.

The system itself is relatively simple when it comes to serial numbers. There are four different types of serial numbers. TAP-0** stands for a piece of armor on a Bakugan. TAP-1** stands for body parts, much like BakuMutants. TAP-2** stands for weapons that a Bakugan may have, such as the cannon on a Reptak. TAP-3** stands for interchangeable battle cores, which allows the Bakugan to change attributes with one another.

TAP-0 PiecesEdit

  • TAP-000, Heavyweight Garments (Demonis Shade)
  • TAP-019, Dark Crown (Demonis Taylean)
  • TAP-021, Krakix Gauntlets (Demonis Krakix)
  • TAP-026, Jackal Legs (Demonis Horridian)
  • TAP-039, Quad-Arms (Demonis Vertexx)
  • TAP-050, Light Frame Armor (Magus Dallas)
  • TAP-069, Lightning Helm (Demonis Jaakor)

TAP-1 PiecesEdit

  • TAP-100, Coredem Torso
  • TAP-103, Bolcanon Torso
  • TAP-106, Horridian Torso
  • TAP-109, Krakix Torso
  • TAP-115, Dallas Torso
  • TAP-172, Taylean Torso
  • TAP-177, Vertexx Torso
  • TAP-192, Jaakor Torso

TAP-2 PiecesEdit

  • TAP-200, Darkslam Gauntlet Knuckles (Demonis Shade)
  • TAP-210, Slash Gauntlets (Demonis Taylean)
  • TAP-219, Light Spear (Magus Dallas)
  • TAP-222, Razor Claw Quartet (Demonis Vertexx)
  • TAP-233, Demonian Battlestar (Demonis Krakix)
  • TAP-245, Thunder Gloves (Demonis Jaakor)
  • TAP-264, Claw-Gauntlets (Demonis Horridian)

TAP-3 PiecesEdit

  • TAP-300, Black Demonis Core
  • TAP-301, Copper Demonis Core
  • TAP-302, Silver Demonis Core
  • TAP-303, Gold Demonis Core
  • TAP-304, CrimsonPearl Demonis Core
  • TAP-305, Ventus Core
  • TAP-306, Pyrus Core
  • TAP-307, Darkus Core
  • TAP-308, Subterra Core
  • TAP-309, Aquos Core
  • TAP-310, Haos Core

Special ArmorEdit

  • TAP-X01, CiC Armor (Demonis Shade)


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