Trapped (Incomplete)
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~chapter incomplete~ 

Kodo’s body was completely down. His eyelids felt like lead. He opened his eyes with his best strength, only to see hazy visuals. His sight started to clear a bit after a while, only to see a humanoid standing in front of him in an unknown place. Whatever this place was, it wasn’t Bayview. “Nnngg… huh… Eh?” Kodo looked around. “Where… where am I?” He glanced up to look up at the humanoid. He then looked at his shoulder to look for Omega Robotallion. He wasn’t there. “Robotallian..? Robotallian!” He tried to get up only to see himself restrained. “Get me out of here!” The humanoid gave a mean stare and kicked Kodo. He then grabbed Kodo by his air, kneeling down to observe his face closer. 

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