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Knock 'em down from below, and they'll come crashing from above!




Tartaronian IH

Debut Appearance TBA
Final Appearance {{{final}}}
Used By Icefern
Gender Male
Current Age 21
G-Power 1200 G
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Weapon of Choice none
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
MechFrame Glaedr
Family Unknown
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Torment is Icefern's Tartaronian Pyrus Guardian.


Torment shows brutal strength and incredible speed. He usually prefers to protect his pride instead of his comrades.


Torment prefers to render his opponents insane. He is known to be rebellious.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Letus Tail Slash- 800 Gs is transferred from the opponent to Torment.
  • Hell Volkaos- Nullifies two abilities that have been activated and Torment gains 800 Gs.
  • Blackened Hatred- The opponent loses 400 Gs. If Torment sacrifices 400 G, the opponent loses an additional 400 Gs.
  • Blade Switch- Enables Torment has the ability to change to the opponent's attribute. 600 G is transferred from the opponent to Torment.
  • Screw Driver- Subtracts 650 Gs from the opponent and brings in a Bakugan on Torment's side.
  • Magma Meltdown- Five of the opponenet's abilities are destroyed. If the Bakugan is non-Tartaronian, then half of the G-Power is transferred to Torment. If the opponent's attribute is not Pyrus, half of the G-Power is given to Torment as well as their abilities to backfiring. If the Bakugan is Tartaronian, however, then a Bakugan on Torment's side may enter the battle.
  • Turbine Inferno- This ability has two effects.
    • Effect One: Torment can skip the opponent's turns for five turns. If used before Torment is rolled, then Torment gains 800 Gs.
    • Effect Two: Each player could add another Bakugan to the current battle. If any of them is Tartaronian, then Torment gains 850 Gs. If any of the Bakugan that has been added to the battle is Pyrus, then Torment gains 300 Gs.
  • Refracting Malice- Torment gains 1000 G. The opponent cannot activate any support pieces or effect his G-Power until the current battle is over.

Gate CardsEdit

  • Mortar Destruction- Prevents the opponent from activating abilities for five turns.



Bakugan DimensionsEdit

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