You are just a psycho bitch

—Titanium Dragon

Titanium Dragon
Aquos TitaniumDragonoid
Type Aquos Titanium Dragonoid
First appearance TBA (First appears in Arc 1's finale)
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Power 1500 G
Variations Dragon
Blitz Dragon
Titanium Dragon
Mercury Dragon
Fusion Dragon
Brawler Aqua
Battle Gear Silver Crosstriker
Themes The Metal
Main Adversary Shade

Aquos's Blitz Dragonoid, Dragon evolved.... Again! Dragon is now more calm and has more defense.


Dragon is a ruthless but calm creature in this form. His ultimate ability card is Dragon Force Shamballa. Now he and Angel's Titanium Dragonoid can pull a combo called: Titanium Water-Fire - Phalanx. Dragon has 6 Mechtogan now, Wiltshire, Wiltshire Titan, Coredegon, Mandibor, Slycerak and Exostriker.

Notable Quotes Edit

  • "Battling is ownage"
  • "Says the psycho one who is having a spazz attack"
  • "Guess I've gone too far"
  • "Don't interrupt my brawl, man"


He will debut in Arc 1's finale.


  • Titanium Stream
  • Titanium Bubbles
  • Pyrus Destroyer
  • Photon Trail
  • Dragon Hard Shamballa
  • Omega Blaze
  • Web Ring
  • Water Session
  • Aqua Silicon
  • Under-Water Style - Ninja Cyclone
  • Titanium Shield
  • Dragon Maximum Striker
  • Wonder Superior

Fusion Abilities and Combo Attacks:

  • Dragon Spinning Tsunami
  • Shamballa Whip
  • Titanium Water-Fire - Phalanx

Hex DragonEdit

Hex Dragon
Hex Titanium Dragonoid
The Mutated Dragonoid
Type {{{Type}}}
First appearance TBA
Gender Male
Attribute Hex (all)
Power 3000
Variations Dragon, Blitz Dragon, Titanium Dragon, Mercury Dragon
Brawler AngelofDeath
Battle Gear Silver Sonicanon
Themes {{{theme}}}
Main Adversary Crimson Rubanoid
Dragon is later mutated by Black Angel during battle in episode 95 and causes him to go crazy, only obeying AngelofDeath and losing his ability to speak english, only making crazy growling.

Ability Cards:

  • Wonder Superior
  • Omega Blaze
  • Dragon Hard Shamballa

Forbidden Ability Cards:

  • Destruction Water X
  • Diano Cochus X
  • Nova Blazer X
  • Ventus X
  • Darkus X
  • Subterra X
  • Pyrus X
  • Aquos X
  • Haos X
  • Action Blaster Savage X



  • Dragon has overcome his fear of fire as of this evolution.
  • Dragon also has a rivalry with S.G. in this form (but not main adversary stuff).
  • As Titanium Dragon, he finally stops his cussing and mischievous behaviour.

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