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I'm here to inflict seriously heinous injury!


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Type Haos Swift Sweep
First appearance Pure Mechtogan
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Power 2500 Gs
Variations Swift Sweep
Brawler Baku-Cool
Battle Gear Silver Sonicanon
Themes Never Gonna Be Alone
Main Adversary {{{Main Adversary}}}
Thrash is a Haos Swift Sweep and the Mechtogan of Baku-Cool and Hikari in Bakugan: Wind Tamer.


Speed and lightness are Thrash's key strengths. His shoulders and wings are present a warrior profile to daunt the hardiest opponent. Thanks to his enhanced vision, Thrash can set up accurate shots from the farthest distance.


Thrash is very alike his Bakugan host, but has a temper. Thrash also likes to battle alot.


In Pure Mechtogan, Thrash is summoned alongside Dr. Wind, Aquos Accelerak, Quake, Misery, and Core's Titan: Dranzer. Thrash and the other Mechtogan battle the evil Bakugan, with the Hurricanian Squad at their side. They fight the Deadly Brawlers, allowing BC and Splice to leave and rescue Hikari and Core.

Ability Cards Edit

  • Laser Eclipse: Transfers 300 Gs from the opponent to Thrash.
  • Speed Blazer: The opponent is dropped to 500 Gs under Thrash's G-Power.
  • Swift Thrasher: Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities and subtracts 300 Gs from the opponent.
  • Light Impulse: Adds 500 Gs to Thrash.
  • Sun Thunder Blast: The next 5 turns are given to Thrash.
  • Shield of Destruction: Nullifies the opponent's ability and Gate Card.
  • Haos Impulse: Transfers 400 Gs from the opponent to Thrash.
  • Luna Impact: If Thrash has over 3000 Gs, or has more than 600 Gs than the opponent has, 1000 Gs is transferred from the opponent to Thrash.
  • Speedy Bolt: Adds 500 Gs to every Haos Bakugan on your team.
  • Shining Fuse: Prevents the opponent from adding supporting pieces to the battle.



  • Thrash is well known in the series for his temper.

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