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We will SMASH you!

—Pyrus Spatterix's battle call for them, various episodes

The Searers
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Main Attribute(s) 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
First appearance The Searers (episode)
Leader Pyrus Spatterix
HQ Hurricanian Castle
G-Power Range 950-1000 Gs
Brawler(s) Baku-Cool
Main Adversary Shining Brawlers
Theme Warrior
Status Very Active

The Searers are a group of non-Hurricanians that branch off from the Hurricanian Squad. They are one of Baku-Cool's 3 groups of Bakugan alongside the Hurricanian Squad and the Shining Brawlers.


The Searers are powerful and were created out of rage and jealousy against the Hurricanian Squad's power. They are mean-spirited and their goal is to pyschologically and physically damage their opponents.

List of members in rankingEdit

Pyrus SpatterixEdit









Unique EquipmentEdit

Gate CardsEdit

  • Astral Hellfire: This Gate Card can either nullify all of the opponent's abilities or prevent the opponent from nullifying your abilities.
  • Musadamn Searing: A member of The Searers on the field will win 400 Gs.
  • Bashing Gate: The enemy's next 3 turns are skipped.
  • Nuke Scour: Any non-member of The Searers is dropped to 100 Gs.
  • Searing Gate: Any member of The Searers withing 300 meters will join the battle.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Blazing Killer: The opponent cannot nullify your Bakugan's abilities in any way.
  • Mega Hellfire Inferno: Subtracts 400 Gs from the opponent.
  • Inferno Pulse: Doubles your ability effects.
  • Slash Pulsar: Adds another Searer to the battle. If the opponent attempts to nullify this card, they automatically lose.
  • Destruction Eruption: Adds 800 Gs to your Bakugan.
  • Fire Punch: Transfers 300 Gs from the opponent to your Bakugan.
  • Flare Army: Makes 10 copies of your Bakugan. They will all have half of your Bakugan's current G-Power.
  • Indestructible Armor from Inferno Land: 8 times the effect of your abilities are added.



  • The Searers use taunting in brawls, as a method of winning.

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