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The symbol of the Sacred 7

The Sacred 7 was the first team in bakugan dimensions. The team was originall created in bakugan buzz. It was then carried over to dimensions. The members of the team in buzz were Angel, the brawler who used every attribute on the team, ChaosEnforcer (darkus), SubterraMaster (subterra), DigitalMaster (ventus) PyrusRyan (pyrus). But when they got to BD things had changed. The Sacred 7 became 6 as Angel took the role of pyrus. They gained members over time. ChaosEnforcer continued as darkus where PyrusRyan left the team. SubterraMaster was never able to get on due to his computer breaking and they lost contact with DigitalMaster in BB. The kids in BD knew them as heroes at the time. Over time they gained new members like Littleseed, Bradly, Serginator, Zerona, Alione, MiraMC, Emiliano, PyroMaster, KDPokefan, Phoenix7 , ParadiseLost, Julie22 , Faviola plus more. The team itself changed over time. Back to its original name Sacred 7 (due to Angel mastering all 6 attributes). It also changed in amount of members from 7 to 14 (2 boys and 2 girls for every attribute) still going by Sacred 7. His first enemy in the game was Bakuzone (#1 ranked brawler at the time). When they faced each other for the first time, they had a crowd of over 20 kids gathered around them. Angel lost the battle but not the war. He and zone fought over and over win lose win lose. Until Zone left the game (returning later). Afterwards, it was Emiliano, they had conflicts like you couldn't think of and it all revolved around littleseed . After many more battles Angel and emiliano came to an understanding and he joined the team. Em later left the game (temporarilly) where pyromaster took his place the pyrus brawler. He was a great addition to the team, but some how he became corrupted, uncontrollable you could say, and that's when the real war began. Angel and pyro fought like they've never fought before, mentally, physically and virtually. In the crossfire, many team members were lost in the process of leaving the team or changing sides. The Sacred 7 were betrayed. Pyro was able to sway some of the members. The war ended, but the battles still continue. Pyro and Angel always went at it. Last time they battled Angel won. The team Sacred 7 has gone through hard times but ended up on top. As of April 6th, 2011, the Sacred 7 was ended.

Original Buzz Members:

Pyrus: PyrusRyan780gs

Haos: Haos-Emily

Darkus: ChaosEnforcer

Subterra: SubterraMaster

Ventus: DigitalMaster

Original Dimensions Members:

Pyrus: Littleseed

Aquos: Zerona

Haos: CrusherJ

Darkus: Chaos Enforcer

Ventus: DeltaShun

Subterra: Reaper

All: AttributeMaster

Last members:

Pyrus Male: BrolyXMasterz / Pyrus Female: Kagome10

Aquos Female: Zerona

Haos Male: David76 / Haos Female: Julie22

Ventus Male: Firestormblaze / Ventus Female:

Darkus Male: ChaosEnforcer / Darkus Female: Faviola

All Male: AngelusLapis / All Female: Littleseed

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