The Pyrus Lords
The Pyrus Lords were one of the first teams on Bakugan Dimensions; back then when it was peaceful. The Pyrus Lords consisted of only pyrus brawlers back then.The Pyrus Lords original leader was bakuwizard, and Pyrosmaster. Life on Bakugan Dimensions changed after a member from the The Pyrus Lords offered him a position in the team. Bakuwizard was Pyrosmaster's old master who taught him how to play better; also a member called Andy trained him too. Bakuwizard and Andy never got along, they would always fight because Andy didn't think bakuwizard was right to be leader. So weeks went by; and Andy and bakuwizard had enough of each other. So they had an argument and then the team disbanded. Pyrosmaster and 2 other members stayed and they all decided that Pyro should be the new and forever leader. So months went by; and they had a plenty full amount of members.Then something happen which Pyro thought was one of his biggest accomplishments;finding a brawler called eliajh. He was very big helper to the group. He got the team alot more members and introduced pyro to two very good friends; blueking4ever and TheWolf1. After time passed by the team got members that are really good friends of pyro; starting with juancarlos, jolts, matthewleong, blueking4ever, thewolf1, bakuwizard and many more. At some times Bakuwizard came on too see how pyro was doing. Pyro told bakuwizard that he was the new leader and bakuwizard was ok with it; but there was no sign of Andy, pyro wishes he could hear from him again.The team started to disband after Pyro left the game for 4 months due too school and the lack of training. He wanted to come back the last day, but due to the death of his father, he just coudn't go on anymore, and he regrets not showing up too see his friends for the last time.The Pyrus Lords ended June 30th 2011. Pyrosmaster has stated if Bakugan Dimensions comes back up again, he will bring the team back, train harder and take care of his friends.

The PosistionsEdit

  • Leader:Pyrosmaster
  • General:juancarlos
  • Co leader #1:eliajh
  • Co leader #2:jolts
  • Co leader #3:thewolf1

The EndEdit

At the end of Bakugan Dimensions, the team was done,and Pyrosmaster is thinking of making the group again,and fix everything that was wrong. But there are rumors that it wont be the same because of school, he might leave a person in charge.

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