Psychic is using a disguise, so his real ID is unknown.

Confusion Edit

Razeko believed that MeisterPyrus was the same person as The Psychic Master due to them looking nearly identical, but it was proven wrong when they were seen together, brawling in the quater-finals of a tournament. It caused confusion between some of Firestormblaze's buddies. Bendo eventually came to the conclusion that Savage-Darkus was him, and wanted revenge for Airzel-of-Haos not returning him a favour of respect, however Razeko told everyone what happened to him. This proved Bendo wrong, and he decided to think about it again.

The culpritEdit

A Bakugan called Dranxeo was using that appearance to use psychic powers and cause mayhem such as terrorism and "funny things". Dranxeo's species is well known for causing behaviour like this according to LordMagma. Dranxeo's goal is to kill all the Bakugan with over 800 Gs so he can rule them all.

Main article: Dranxeo

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