The Halo Hymn Members
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General Plasma, the advisor and strategist of Halo Hymn
Portrayer The members in Halo Hymn (Creation of darkuscepter)
Physical description
Age Vary
Gender Vary
Hair color Vary
Eye color Vary
Personal information
Allies BattleTechs, Dichotomous. (Sometimes)
Enemies BattleTechs, Dichotomous. (Not Always)
Weapon of choice Vary
Main attribute Vary
Guardian Bakugan Vary
Chronological and political information
Position Vary
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Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
First Appearance {{{first appearance}}}
Themes This is Halloween

Current level: Vary
The New Dawn
Placeholder person


No Title

No information

[1]This is Darkuscepter's Page. Do not edit without his permission.

The New Dawn is a group that was branched from the original group of BattleTechs; more specifically, from the start of the second Generation of BattleTechs. It was formed when the group's ideal split; Nathan felt that the Overlord was too strong to be defeated by means of pure will and resistance alone, and sought to acquire power and knowledge, and ultimately, achieve good by means of evil, which was a drastic contrast and a complete challenge against the original vows of the BattleTech Committee. Noah believed that even when the situation was out of control, they should always follow the vows and commitments which was installed (he created it in the first place), which spilt BattleTech into three groups; The "Original"(3rd generation) group of BattleTech, which sided with Noah, and The New Dawn, who sided with Nathan's beliefs. The third group, Dichotomous, was a group that mearly tried to make the groups reconcile, but ended up fallowing a code that was between the BattleTech and New Dawn.


General: The most elite and worthy of all. Currently only 6 (Coincidentally, of all the attributes) are occupying this seat.

Warrior: Second only to the generals, the warriors are the brawlers who usually lead the soldiers into battle.

Soldier: The standard units of the army.Fights in wars / assists Generals / Warriors.

Scouts: Novice soldiesr. He/She may get a mission or challenge for a promotion to a soldier. usually kept as a lookout.

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