Epic On Fire Sword by FoxMcCarther


The Knights of Fire was a group made by Lordpyro.Pyrosmaster on bakugancommunity/ was thinking of canceling The Pyrus Lords and instead lead The Knights of Fire.But he didnt want The Pyrus Lords to end.He wanted The Pyrus Lords too be remembered forever.The team got over 100 members on Bakugancommunity and pyro thought the team would be a keeper.He wanted to add the team to BD,he had good plans to take care of it right like the other groups,but since he quit BD for months,he wanst able to add it to BD since he returned after BD left.


LordPyro was always a fan of sonic the hedgehog,but mostly shadow because of shadows mysterious personality,so he got the game,sonic and the black knight,he loved the game and was thinking,"what if i mix 2 of my favorite things:fire and knights,so there had began The Knights of Fire.He was most inspired by shadow the hedgehog character and theme song.

The EndEdit

After Lordpyro left BD and the community,he forgot all about The Knights of Fire and the rest of his teams.After everything that happen,and he finally returned,he wanted to check on the team on bakugancommunity but,coudnt see it because it was tagged as group of bakugandimensions and since bakugandimensions was closed,so was everything on the community.He wishes he could see the tem again.


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