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The First Challenge
Season 1
Episode Number 1
Preceeded By None
Followed By Special Moves

The First Challenge is the first episode of the series Legend of Combustion.


A black haired boy is handling his bag while on his way to school. A boy named Jesse offers to help Barc by accompaning him on his way to school by letting him ride in Jesse's family car. After arriving at school, Barc meets with his friends. At the end of school Barc is challenged by a mysterious man to a Bakugan battle. After the battle is over, Barc walks home while enjoy the panorama. On the way home, he meets a boy named Daniel with a mysterius Bakugan on his right shoulder. They both introduce themselves and start a conversation about something, the episode ends with Daniel stating that his Bakugan Vortex will destroy the entire universe, shocking Barc.

Featured BrawlsEdit

Barcibal versus Master VortexEdit

  • Barcibal sets a gate card.
  • Barcibal throw Pyronite (850 Gs) out.
  • Master Vortex throws Dev Basher (500 Gs) out.
  • Master Vortex Activates his Devil Boomerang ability, causing Pyronite to lose 500 Gs. Pyronite 850 -> 250 Gs.
  • Barcibal activates Flame Call, summoning Combustion (850 Gs) to the field and proceeds to use Flare Down Match. Total combined and Gs bonus: 1600 Gs.
  • Barcibal activate Burning Fire, casing Dev Basher's Gs to be reduced to minus 400 Gs.

Barcibal Wins.

Character SeenEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit

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