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The Beginning The Elite 12 began when Pyrosmaster and jolts were talking about making a new team. They decided that it should consist of having 6 main attributes, and the 6 mixed attributes.The first 3 members were Pyrosmaster, (as the Pyrus brawler), Jolts (as the darkus brawler),and Master24 (as the subterra brawler).


So then months went by, and the team almost had all their memebers;the new members were now,TheWolf1 , matthewleong, blueking4ever, Kaede ,bradley, and 2 more but names were forgotten. The team stuck together through all of Dimensions. There were some trouble with people who were jealous of the group on Dimensions, but they kept their cool. Althought Dimensions, Pyrosmaster and Jolts lead the team together. jolts let pyro lead the team, but pyro did get stressed out sometimes with the team and all the problems on BD,so then he decided that jolts should be able to have as much power as him. Matthewleong was a good member, he always wanted a mission, action. He was a very good brawler. One of the main problems was that the aquos brawler bradley was missing, and we didnt know what to do. He was a very good friend and brawler and pyro didnt want to replace him. So Jolts and pyro decided they'll give him time too see if he will return. Two months went by ,and they decided to replace bradley. But in April, pyro saw him, and they both said that there getting to old for this.

Another problem was with all the stress that was given to pyro, matthewleong was a person who was full of energy and always wanted to brawl or do something, and pyro was dealing with problems with other people, so he then gave jolts leadership so so he could get a break.


  • Pyrus:Pyrosmaster
  • Darkus:Jolts
  • Ventus:TheWolf1
  • Haos:Kaede
  • Subterra:Master24
  • Aquos:Bradley

Mixed attribuesEdit

  • Pyrus & subterra: Blueking4ever
  • Pyrus & Ventus:Steth


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