The Crimson Palace
Fire Nation Palace
Vital statistics
Location Bayview
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Inhabitants Firestormblaze
Lillybeth (Formerly)
Aquos Rules
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The Crimson Palace is the home of Firestormblaze, in Seasons 1-3.


During the day it is a quiet place, but at night it burns with flames and sounds of teenage joy fills the building. Every now and then you will find holes in the building or a window shattered. That would be there because someone was either thrown out of it, or thrown through it. There are plenty of secret passage ways to access the palace, but they are only know to the one who built them. It's generally an empty place really. Besides the days when Firestormblaze has guests. It's only Blaze, his pets, his Bakugan, and his birds, otherwise. Inside if you ever get that chance to see it, is a zoo, a lab, a kitchen, a battle arena (for all sorts of activities, from Beyblade to Bakugan to Martial arts.) a pool, a computer lab, a lounge, a library etc.