I'm the Bird.

The Bird

The Bird
Ventus FaserTitan BD
Type Ventus Faser Titan
First appearance Better, Badder, Stronger
Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
Power 439 G
Variations Faser Titan
Brawler Nuzamaki90
Battle Gear Copper Bombaplode
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With weapons stacked high above his head and shoulders, The Bird makes a dangerous enemy. Spikes on his outer armored gauntlets cast serious damage to opponents in close quarter battles. With a wide legged battle stance, delivers a powerful offensive. The Bird welcomes opponents with shrewdly planned tactical strikes.



The Bird was the ending results of Nuza's Ventus Titanium Dragonoid, Nimbus' training. Once he was born, he quickly attacked Nimbus which schocked everyone except Nimbus and Nuza. Reason being, was because he was actually trying to see how powerful Nimbus was. After the battle was over, Nimbus introduced The Bird to Nuza's arsenal of Bakugan and went to train The Bird in the Mechtogan World. The Bird was shown to be an extremely powerful Mechtogan once he dueled against DTron2's Razen Titan and won. He then went back to the Mechtogan World with Nimbus, promising Nuza that they would battle together once he is truly at a fighting state. After 8 weeks of training, which is 8 years in Mechtogan World time, he came back with Nimbus, along side a smaller Mechtogan named Ventus Slynix (Twister). All 3 of them became Nuza's new Ventus-Styled team and showed Nuza their newly found power when they each defeated teams of Pro Brawlers by themselves. When Nuza was accused of harassing new Brawlers and stealing rare items from the Interspace database, he, along with Nimbus and Twister faced up against [redacted] to prove innocent. During their last moments on BD, The Bird, Nuza, and the rest of the gang looked back on their adventures in BD, wishing for a time where they will all battle again some day. 3 minutes later, BD closed down for good and they were all deleted from the servers.

Ability CardsEdit



Bakugan DimensionsEdit

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