The episode begins with the Death Bringers discussing S-Dimensions and when the plan should commense. The leader says to deal with the pest first.

The Battle Begins
Season 1
Episode Number 1
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Followed By Observation

Two members were reluctant at dealing with her, and for that they were sent to take care of her. The members (named PowerSoul and FireGravitation) were sent to earth to find Ricileon.

It shows a scene of Ricileon training with the demons from Hell's Amulet. The brawlers show up out of nowhere and challenged Ricileon to a brawl. FG threw out a Pyrus Aranaut and PS threw out a Haos Razenoid. Ricileon threw out Strikeflier and the fight began. Ricileon defeated both of the two by draining their G powers and disappearing. They report back to the leader.

Characters SeenEdit

Ricileon Orochimaru: Darkus

PowerSurge: Haos

FireGravitation: Pyrus


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