Think what you want, you'll never know me...

—TheWolf1, Impresionante planner and thinker

543px-BD screenshots 001
Bakugan Dimensions #1 Brawler
Portrayer {{{portrayer}}}
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown ( Real life ) Green ( on BD )
Eye color A Blue-Green
Personal information
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Weapon of choice Bakugan
Main attribute 21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
Guardian Bakugan Ventus Ramdol
Ventus Blitz
Ventus Helix
Haos Ziperator
Chronological and political information
Position Leader-ish...
Aliases The Wolf
Affiliation Unknown, is good and evil
First Appearance {{{first appearance}}}
Themes Resistance to Resilience
Current level: 983


Clothing Wolf normally wears collared shirts.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


My Bakugan Dimensions teamsEdit


Beginning Team: Ventus Hyper Dragonoid, Ventus Cosmic Ingram, Ventus Foxbat

Aquos Snapzoid, Clear Cosmic Ingram, and Clear Linehalt

Aquos Snapzoid, Clear Cosmic Ingram, and Clear Avior

Ventus Helix Dragonoid, Ventus Hyper Dragonoid, and Ventus Cosmic Ingram

Ventus Helix Dragonoid, Clear Cosmic Ingram, Clear Linehalt

Aquos Snapzoid, Clear Hawktor, Clear Raptorix

Ventus Helix Dragonoid, Ventus Hawktor, Ventus Aranaut ( Thunderfury )

Ventus Helix Dragonoid, Ventus Aranaut,Pyrus DC ( Storm and Spitfire)

Ventus Helix Dragonoid, Ventus Aranaut, Ventus Blitz Dragonoid

Ventus Helix Dragonoid, Ventus Aranaut, Mystery Ventus Bakugan

Ventus Helix Dragonoid, Ventus Hawktor, Mystery Ventus

Legendary Wolf:Edit

Aquos Neo Dragonoid, Aquos Foxbat, Aquos Fencer

Aquos Neo Dragonoid, Clear Avior, Aquos Foxbat

Clear Avior, Aquos Fangoid, Haos Ziperator

Clear Avior, Aquos Fangoid, Aquos Dartaak

Subterra Jetro, Subterra Fangoid, Subterra Megarus

Haos Ziperator, Haos Phantom Dharak, Darkus Strikeflier

Haos Ziperator, Haos Phantom Dharak, Haos Mystery

Story BakuganEdit

A wolf, it's green with yellow strips, red eyes, has wings that are angel liked in shape, wings have feathers of green yellow and red. Some feathers have a blade type apperance. The two wings will have one small head each. Used to attack an opponent. He can 3 fire lasers, two from his wings mouth and one from his mouth. his tail also has a hidden spot to fire a laser. His body is covered in fur, so it is hard to find his tail laser.

Ventus Wolfie copy

Ventus Wolfie

Name: Ventus Wolfie


Nitro Wolfie

Cyclone Wolfie

Typhonatic Wolfie

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