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Was there really any doubt?


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Used By Firestormblaze
Gender Female
G-Power 950 G
Rank None
Attribute 21px-Subterra.svg Subterra
20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Weaponry Currently None
Theme Song Tsukiakari no Michishirube
Main Adversaries Currently None
Main Allies Nero
Close Relationships Currently None
Mechtogan Nero
Mechtogan Titan None
Fighting Style Seismic Earth
MechFrame None
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Tetra is a Subterra Mutant Elfin, that belongs to Firestormblaze.


Tetra can change attributes and shoot arrows from her fingers to gain an advantage during battle. Tetra is a Bakugan that can change attributes and G-Powers to always gain new abilities and strengths during battle. She is quick, small, and difficult to catch, it easily intimidates all challengers who enter the battlefield. Equally adept in flight or battling on the ground, the ferocity of Tetra's attacks bring her opponents to their knees in battle; time and time again.


Tetra is a very energetic and sometimes bossy girl, who protects other Bakugan. She tries to be friendly to all she encounters, and when that's not possible she wants nothing to do with them. Tetra prefers a fair battle, and hates cheaters. With a quick wit, Tetra uses a thoughtful, strategic approach to surprise the enemy in battle.


Ability Cards

  • Magmatrocity:
  • Tetra Buster Max (Tetra Buster Extreme):
  • Dual Edge:
  • Charge Shot:
  • Third Shot:
  • Heavenly Potion:
  • Impact Law:
  • Drop Crush:

Gate Card

  • Down To Earth: Subterra Bakugan gain two times more than their current G-Power. If they are below their base level, they gain their base level of Gs as well.



  • Tetra was named after a character in the Zelda series.

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