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Terror Serpens
Darkus Terra Serpens
Debut Dark Illusion
Used By Darkusinfinity99
Gender Male
G-Power 1400 G
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Weaponry None
Theme Song Unknown
Main Adversaries Typhon, Artemis, Gelus More...
Main Allies Omega Robotallion,
Close Relationships Unknown
Mechtogan Unknown
Mechtogan Titan Unknown
Fighting Style {{{style}}}
MechFrame Unknown
Title {{{title}}}
Status Alive

Terror Serpens is an Olympia Bakugan that belongs to Darkusinfinity99. He will appear in Bakugan: Rise of the Olympians.




Bakugan: Rise of the OlympiansEdit

In Dark Illusion, he appears for the first time alongside Infinity. He is used to battle against Cyborg Avior. He is almost successful but is caught off guard by a powerful Combo and loses the battle.

He appears again on several occasion alongside Infinity and his other Bakugan.

In Gate to the Underworld Typhon learns that one of Infinity's Bakugan may be an Olympian and goes searching for him. Soon after locating him a battle begins. Typhon mercilessly takes down each of Infinity's Bakugan, waiting for Terror Serpens to be used. Eventually he is put into the battle as back-up for Demon. Typhon ruthlessly attacks and defeats Demon, leaving Serpens to fend for himself. Things were looking bad and just a Typhon was close to finishing him, an Olympia Ability Card formed in Infinity's hand. After learning of his origins he used the ability, catching Typhon off guard. A hurt Typhon then flees.

More to come later.

Notable QuotesEdit

Ability CardsEdit

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

Olympia Ability CardsEdit


  • He was originally meant to be a pure Subterra Bakugan but a Darkus version was made and so he become a Subterra and Darkus Hybrid.


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