Great, we leave for about a week and this happens? Shade, let's do what we do best. Destroy everything in sight.


Season Bakugan: Demonia Assault
Episode Number 5
Preceeded By Army Launching
Followed By Battalion
TAP-X01 is the fifth episode of Bakugan: Demonia Assault.


Ending of WarEdit

The episode opens with pictures of a ravaged world. Demonis Jaakor sets a flag carrying the Demonis Symbol on the last of the world capitols, and claims the planet as his own, and a new colony for Demonia.

Beginning of WarEdit

As the hundreds of Demonis Army soldiers flood toward the brawlers, Anathema uses a well played combination of Burning Overkill and Searing Spiral against them, gaining a temporary upper hand, but the sheer amount of Bakugan to fight seems impossible. Against all odds, Anne fights her way through hundreds by herself. Without warning, a massive black mass is thrown in front of her, eradicating all of the soldiers with ease. A Bakugan floats down in front of her.

Cousin, I thought you could hold yourself better than this. Odium not around, or is he already dead because of my forces?


Anathema smacks her cousin Shade upon his arrival. The quickly catch up, Shade talks about his training session with AOH, and their discovery of the Triad Armor Conversion System. Shade takes a moment to call his reinforcements. Within seconds, three Bakugan with pure black armor appear by his side. It is Demonis Taylean, Captain of the Demonis Black Third Squad.

Characters SeenEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit

Bakugan Combinations SeenEdit


Mechtogan SeenEdit

Mechtogan Titans SeenEdit

Mechtogan Destroyers SeenEdit

Triad Armor Pieces SeenEdit

  • TAP-X01, CiC Armor


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