364px-Subterra Vertexx
Type Subterra Vertexx
First appearance TBA
Gender Female
Attribute Subterra
Power 1300 Gs
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Brawler The Psychic Master
Battle Gear Copper Sonicanon, Subterra Defendtrix
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The Psychic Master uses a Vertexx to give Beta some back-up.


Vertexx strikes fear into her opponent even before battle has begun. Impenetrable body armor protects her, while metal spikes and talons from the four enormous arms frighten foes. Energy balls fired one after the other from her four hands relentlessly blast away opposition.


Ability Cards: Edit

  • Heat Impulse
  • Port Guardener
  • Buzz Sunrock
  • Blazing Magnitude
  • Terra Slash
  • Terracotta Impact
  • Earth Arm - Hammer
  • Psy Strike

Trivia Edit

  • Vertexx's loyalty to Beta eventually caused her death.

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