Stop, Drop, and Brawl
Season Bakugan: Dimensions Surge
Episode Number 6
Preceeded By Teach Me How to Demonis
Followed By Creating The ARK
Stop, Drop, and Brawl is episode 6 of Season 1.


The amount of rogue Bakugan running through Interspace and ruining battles is astounding. No one knows where exactly they're all coming from. Bendo believes that someone has copied the rogue Bakugan's DNA and started releasing them themselves since he deleted the broken arena where it all started. Neos decides to go out and find Winx thinking he might have something to do with it but he runs in to Faze and Trip who ambush him. PG just finished a Battle Royale brawl and finds Neos, joining him in a 2 on 2 brawl against Faze and Trip. The wages? If Neos and PG win, Faze and Trip tell them where their leader is so they can find out more about G.A.M.E. and how it might be the cause of the rogue Bakugan being released. If Faze and Trip win, they get all the G.A.M.E. energy Bendo has in the BakuShop which can ruin the store and stop people from getting new Bakugan and cards.

Characters SeenEdit

Bakugan SeenEdit


Neos VS Faze & Trip = Interrupted, No outcome

Neos & PG VS Faze & Trip = Continued into next episode.

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