Stone Cold
Season 3
Episode Number 28
Preceeded By {{{last}}}
Followed By Day and Nightmare


A New brawler has come to Beyview, with a Bakugan team that really rocks the arena. His name, is Firestone. Like all brawlers, he's come to be the very best. That means taking out whoever he has to to get to the top. Before he can take on the big time, he wants to work his way up, through the beginners, and middle class. While facing a group of middle class brawlers, the brawler known as Firestormblaze, is watching the action go down. Just as Firestone finished the brawl, Blaze came down to congradulate him. Firestone makes a few remarks, until he finaly challenges Blaze to a battle. It's a showdown, to be remembered! Pyrus Aranaut (Pyro) with 883 Gs, verses, Firestone's Subterra Quake Dragonoid (Rocka) with 875 Gs! After the most intense battle, Firestormblaze is victorious! Firestone leaves with a smirk across his face, that leaves Blaze puzzled. Blaze is then approached by a teenage boy, with blond hair who asks for his help. Blaze accepts, and then they are teleported to Neathia, where Blaze is greeted by Fabia, and her sister Serena.


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