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Stealth Akwi
BlackStealth Akwimos
Type BakuStealth Akwimos
First appearance None
Gender Male
Attribute Darkus
Power 850 G
Variations None
Brawler Darkusinfinity99
Battle Gear None
Themes None
Main Adversary Unkwon

Stealth Akwi (Akwi for short) is a Bakushadow Bakugan and Coredemus' brawling partner.


He is a very agile Bakugan. Unlike other Akwimos, he can change his attribute to Aquos, Pyrus or Haos at will. He can be serious when he wants, but is usually a bit quirky.


Since Akwi hasn't brawled much, most of his abilities are unkown.

  • Denieng Death: Nulifies the opponent's ability and subtracts 450 G's from the opponent.
  • Aquos Helper: Turns Akwi's partner in a brawl Aquos.
  • Phantom Claw: Subtracts 500 G's from the opponent.
640px-Darkus Akwimos

Akwi using Heal Blue.

  • Stealh Claw: Adds 500 G's to Akwi.
  • Heal Blue: Adds 400 G's to another Bakugan and Akwi. Can only be used when Akwi is Aquos.


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