Splice and Hikari
Chronological Information
Male Splice
Female Hikari
Male Age 23 (Bakugan years)
Female Age 21 (Bakugan years)
First Appearance Spark it Up!
Theme Why Does love do This to me?
Current Status: Together
This article focuses on the relationship of 2 Bakugan: Splice and Hikari.


These 2 Bakugan are attracted, in Bakugan: Wind Tamer. It is also part of a love triangle between Splice, Hikari and Slash and part of the series's overall storyline.


Bakugan: Wind TamerEdit

In Spark it Up!, it was foreshadowed when Splice and Hikari drooled over each others' battle moves when the other trained Subterra Stronk.

In Hurricanian Squad (episode), Hikari admits to her best friend, Glider that she likes Splice saying "I just wish I could kiss Splice.." and blushed in the process.

In Dark Rise, their relationship finally blossoms when Hikari accidentally says to Splice's face "I am not into Slash, I'm into you. WAIT! NO... I'm not... fine, I love you" Splice is happy to hear this, joining in the battle with her and Core after days of no mutual sign. Later, when Core and Hikari are captured by Komodtrix, Splice shows a slight bit of remorse.

In The End of The Line, Splice enters Ventus Killer's dungeon, not suspecting of the danger awaiting him. After Splice and BC are knocked out cold, BC awakes in a cage noticing that Splice and Hikari are making out, with Splice's mask off of course. The two are then shocked to see BC and Core viewing them. Splice is later thanked by her for letting them all free from the cage by using almost all his energy.

In between seriesEdit

After defeating Dark Ice, Blaze Fosu and Crystal Destroyer, Splice and Hikari had 5 children- Bolt, Diamond, Light, Wind, and Claws.

Bakugan: Return of The Wind TamerEdit

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